The restaurant

A Saint-Tropez Address Unavoidable

The Moorea restaurant is a must-visit for Saint Tropez lovers who want a friendly place and an enchanting menu! In a heavenly setting enjoy quality cuisine with exceptional service. French cuisine with southern scents but also the opportunity to savor fresh and light Asian dishes. Let yourself be transported by the card to share a meal with family, friends or even two, on the beach or under umbrellas.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Let yourself be seduced

The cuisine at Moorea relies on the excellence of products, which are selected with special attention to their freshness and origin. Each dish is a vibrant testament to the passion and demanding standards of this beachside restaurant. It’s an invitation to discover authentic and refined flavors. Far from what one might expect from such establishments, the chefs and their team offer original, colorful, and tasty dishes for every desire and occasion. Whether it’s a fresh salad for lunch or a celebratory meal with friends or family, everyone will fully enjoy this waterfront restaurant in Ramatuelle.
The restaurant is open 7 days a week
Serving from 12pm to 5pm
Restaurant reservation
by phone only

In The Kitchen

At the heart of Moorea, an iconic beach on the Saint-Tropez peninsula, chefs Gilles Grandvoinet and Jérôme Larmat orchestrate a culinary symphony that brilliantly blends Mediterranean flavors with exotic Asian touches. The cuisine relies on the freshness and quality of the products as well as a technical mastery of both the good and the beautiful, which are perfectly complementary.

Gilles and Jérôme form an inspired duo, true alchemists of taste, who proudly perpetuate the philosophy of Moorea: to offer an unforgettable culinary experience, where simplicity meets excellence.

Gilles Grandvoinet


Jérôme Larmat


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Warm and friendly atmosphere

At Moorea, we pulse to the rhythm of our visitors: families seeking tranquility, celebrities looking for escape, and groups of friends eager to create memories together. Our beach is animated with laughter and conversations, meetings and reunions, under the generous sun of Ramatuelle. Your most beautiful summer starts here.