70 years of memories

Upon Pempelonne Beach Since 1952

A simple bamboo straw hut, about twenty mattresses, two sunshades, a barbecue, a menu reduced to a few Provençal dishes filled with sunshine… a sweet dream that could have lasted the time of a sunny breakfast. However, 70 years later, we are still here, together!
70 years spent animating entire days on the beach of Pampelonne, entertaining mythical stars as well as unknown people, getting toddlers to smile, taking good care of our elderlies, 70 years feeding an oasis with a true family atmosphere: the beach of Moorea.

MOOREA, it's also...

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Warm and friendly atmosphere

At Moorea, we pulse to the rhythm of our visitors: families seeking tranquility, celebrities looking for escape, and groups of friends eager to create memories together. Our beach is animated with laughter and conversations, meetings and reunions, under the generous sun of Ramatuelle. Your most beautiful summer starts here.