The Beach of MOOREA is Also
The Ideal Place To Relax And Get In Shape!

Patrice and Alexandra designed the PLP Relaxation and Fitness Program for you!

In no time, the four perfectly complementary keys of the PLP Program will give you all your energy.

« Coaching Wellness » is :

A personalized
balance sheet

to really adapt your treatments to your desires and your needs.

Our experts

varied and adapted to your needs (Californian, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stones, reflexology, Aquamassage) will eliminate all your tensions.


(Structural, visceral, cranial, fluidic) and ENERGETIC CARE will harmonize the different structures of your body.

The practice
of Yoga

whether you are a beginner or an initiate, you will learn how to regenerate your energy body yourself, by stimulating the breaths (PRANAYAMA) the concentration (DHÂRANÂ) and the practice of millennia postures (ASANAS).

Patrice Le Pihive

Osteopath – Masseur – Physiotherapist

Alexandra Koch

Wellness Masseuse, Reflexologist
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MOOREA, it's also...

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Warm and friendly atmosphere

At Moorea, we pulse to the rhythm of our visitors: families seeking tranquility, celebrities looking for escape, and groups of friends eager to create memories together. Our beach is animated with laughter and conversations, meetings and reunions, under the generous sun of Ramatuelle. Your most beautiful summer starts here.